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Character Crescent Moon

This article is for Archetype:Earth. For the normal Arcueid, see Arcueid Brunestud. For the vampire version created by TATARI, see Red Arcueid.

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Archetype:Earth is the True Ancestor form of Arcueid Brunestud with full access to her powers.

Stage: good morning,anima mundi


Moon Overview[]

Archetype:Earth is a character with lots of ranged as well as melee and anti-air moves: a small pillar, chain projectiles, a large pillar of light used in air and a damaging jump, etc. Archetype:Earth's falling speed is slightly lower than other characters and she has the tendency to float in air involuntarily during fighting. Lastly, she has a powerful short-ranged air kick. Both her Crescent and Half Moon can create a tornado that is divided in three versions: the first two versions set a trap which is activated after a time in the Half-Moon mode but automatically activated in the Crescent mode, and a large tornado surrounding herself as the last version. Archetype;Earth's full-moon mode has an elbow smash move similar to Arcueid, which have three versions as well, during the first of which she dashes away after hit, during the second of which she appears behind the target and smashes it to other side of screen and, lastly, the special version is the same of Arcueid, with her sending the target up and smashing down.

It is believed that she remains dormant inside Arcueid Brünestud and suddenly took control of her body when her normal 'personality' was in distress in order to aid her. Yet, the peculiar thing is that the gamer must control the normal Arcueid to defeat Archetype:Earth at the last stage of this character. During the fight, all her strengths become adversaries that the gamer must overcome. Archetype:Earth also has the power to destroy earth or, at least, demolish the whole human race according the cutscene at the last stage, although she normally does not get involved in human's fight. According to what she said, her normal fight is something like reconstructing elements. Therefore, based on how Arcueid described herself to Shiki in the anime, we can think of Archetype:Earth as some type of doppelgänger as well as a spirit of the nature.